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My goal using a lifestyle photography approach is to capture the true and authentic story of this time in your life.

It’s not to simply take just another photo of your family. While doing so, I strive to make the experience enjoyable for everyone, and full of authentic emotion.

My love for lifestyle photography deepened soon after having my son. I realized just how quickly each moment passes, and with it goes each stage of life. I began recording these moments, and the story along with them. The face full of ice cream after a hot summer day, the muddy toes fresh from the backyard garden area, and the tiny body sprawled across my bed waiting for cuddles. These were the memories I knew I wanted to look back on one day. And I want each family to have the same.

We will all become old, our children will grow up, and our houses will be empty. We’ll look back on the days we sat on the floor playing with animals or cars, or the times our patience was tested when milk covered the table. We’ll laugh at how small it all seems now that time has passed. Although at present moment it was all so big.

Not only will our stories be valued in the years to come, but they are important to remember right now, while we are in the moment. While our lives seem so busy, and we second-guess if we are getting it right, or if we have any idea what we are doing at all. As a mother, I cherish having these images to look at. To remember how big my son’s smile is, even on our toughest days, and to see the love, laughter, and appreciation for life that is ever so present in my household.

We All Make Mistakes

Like any mother, I get things wrong. I scold too much, and have days where housekeeping and work overshadow family time. But, I also get things right, and so do you. On those days where we are overcome with worry, or guilt, or every other emotion that has us down on ourselves, I want these images to serve as a reminder.

A reminder that you, are doing the best you can. That your story is unique, yet it is normal. Your story is not always pretty, yet it is so, so beautiful.








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