So often, we feel that our children are behind if they don’t develop at the same pace as others. We focus on the fact that they don’t know how to do this or that. And, that others their age do. So we set out to teach them, if we can, to ensure that they’re at what we believe to be the proper level of development. More often than not though – they are, and our worry is for nothing.

After age four, I took off my son’s training wheels, thinking that it was time for him to learn. He’s a smaller boy, and it was way too soon. It took him another year before working up the courage to even try.

But finally, my husband and I spent our Saturday at the park, pushing him down a grass hill and across the playground floor. We were amazed that he learned to ride in only one day.

little boy riding two wheeler bike no more training wheels {san diego shaman lifestyle newborn baby child family photographer}

We then shared his success with others, who began telling me that children of older ages still didn’t know how to ride a two-wheeler.

And so, once again, I reminded myself that I often worry over nothing.

I pay less attention to how things are, and more to how I think things should be. And this, is where a lot of unhappiness stems from.

I was reminded to be content with where I am in my own path, and where my child is in his. All is working out in perfect order, and each and every one of us is exactly where we should be at this moment. Allow children to develop at their own pace, and they’ll surprise you at just how far along they are.




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