Quieting the mind is made simple when we first learn how to listen to the nonstop chatter it brings. Have you ever stopped for a moment to catch yourself thinking? Have you listened to the voice that never seems to stop? That constantly argues with itself, and then with you. Yes, that voice is arguing with you.

“You” are not that voice, and it is not you.

For one full day, try to listen to everything that voice says. Listen to when it nags you not to do something and also when it yells at you “Yes, do that!”. Don’t try to change the voice, or even your mood after hearing what it has to say – simply listen for a day. You will find that there’s so much chatter inside of your head, and it does not seem to stop, even when you are not paying attention. This voice in your head bickers nonstop, and it is called your Ego.

Your Ego is not “you”, it is more like the “protector” of you. It is put in place to protect your mind from anything harmful, and only to allow what you are comfortable with, into your world. But being comfortable will bring you no growth. Often times, this is why we become bored and stuck – stuck in jobs we dislike, with people we dislike, and also in relationships that are no longer healthy. Simply because our intuition tells us to leave, yet this voice gives us all of the “practical” reasons why leaving is not safe.

By training yourself to notice your Ego’s voice, you will soon recognize that it’s not you. There is a “you” inside of there, and you are the one listening. And then there is this other influence on your mind, which you can even give a name. This really allows you to separate yourself, and notice this second voice even more. Instead of arguing with it, you can simply tell it to go away.

I often find myself saying “Go away Susan” – yes, my ego’s name is Susan.

I tell her to go away, or quiet down. You will feel a little nutty at first, but soon, after time and much practice, your Ego will quiet down. You will then become free to make mistakes, and to get hurt. But also to learn from those mistakes, and grow into a better version of you.

And your Susan – she will be free to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. You will succeed in quieting the mind as you make this a permanent practice. The Ego will become quieter as well, and it will recognize that you’ve harnessed your Power. At this point, you can take control of your life, without allowing the voices of others, the voice of your inner child, or the voice of your fears, to take control of your life.

“The ego is our self-image, not our true self. It is characterized by labels, masks, images, and judgments. The true self is the field of possibilities, creativity, intentions, and power. We can go beyond the ego through self awareness – awareness of our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and speech.” – Deepak Chopra



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