Within our day to day lives, it’s so easy to feel out of alignment and as if we have fallen off the path towards reaching our goals. Over time, I’ve discovered five reminders that allow me to find my groove and become ready to achieve anything.

I’ve had a whole lot going on in my life lately. I thought I was moving across the country until plans changed two weeks beforehand! It’s been a wild ride to say the least. I left my job as a preschool teacher to be home with my son, began a mentorship with one of my biggest idols Ava Johanna, and signed up for yoga teacher training at a dream location with another huge idol! So many good things are coming, but I still find myself doubting my abilities. I sometimes feel as if I’m not doing enough, or taking advantage of enough opportunities.

I have such big goals. Unfortunately, I often lack the motivation to put all of my thoughts into one place and really focus on the small steps that need to be accomplished in order to reach where I want to be. Add that to being sick and in bed for the last two weeks and I’m feeling like I’ve definitely missed some golden opportunities to move forward.

Today though, I’m slowing down and really allowing my Soul to take over. I’ve put my mind out of the way. I remember the biggest truths that are always able to stop me in my tracks. They’re a reminder that I AM doing all that I need to, no matter how far off the path I may feel.

When you’re feeling low energy and unmotivated, or as if everyone around you is making big leaps towards their dreams and desires, remind yourself of these little truths as well:

1. First off, it’s important to know we are ALWAYS on the path towards where we want to be.

As soon as we have a desire, the Universe sets things into motion. Whether or not that dream comes now or in the next few years, it is in action. We are on the path of least resistance and we will either reach that destination eventually, or our desires will change. This will put us onto a new path. Either way, we are always on our way towards that which we desire.

2. We’re not meant to do what others around us are doing – that means it has already been done!

We may desire to do something similar, but the way in which it will come through us will be much different than those around us. But, just the fact that we desire to be like someone else tells us that we CAN, and should serve as motivation to begin. Remember that these people have also been at work for some time and their manifestations have not just appeared out of nowhere with no time and work put in.

3. When we feel as if we’ve fallen off of our path, it’s an opportunity to remember what is really important to us and to SLOW DOWN.

Often we get so caught up in our minds. We think of what we should be doing and whether or not what we want is coming. This can send us into a loop of negativity thinking of lack. This doesn’t help us reach where we want to be and will only add more resistance to what’s trying to enter our lives. Remind yourself to pause and reflect when these thoughts begin to enter your mind.

4. Taking a break is always necessary for a reset.

Stop pushing and trying to force things. Rest! Take a break from what you’re hoping to accomplish and allow it to come to you on its own. What’s meant for you will be easy. Often times, if we’re trying too hard to achieve something, it’s a sign that it’s not really meant for us anyways. Put that goal aside and allow the Universe to send you something even better. Everything meant for you will come in time.

5. Focusing on self-care will put you back into alignment.

While taking a break from working and worrying, focus on finding relaxation and joy in the present moment. The Law of Attraction works best when we’re taking the time out to make our Souls happy and feel heard.

Remind yourself daily that the Universe doesn’t make anything that’s meant to be in your life difficult! You should always be chasing your joy. Chase after what lifts you up and excites you. If something doesn’t feel like this, it is probably not meant to be. Drop it, and reroute!



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