In light of everything being about our baby girl on the way, I thought I would post some appreciation for this amazing little skateboarder braving the local skate park!

My son hasn’t taken on a lot of active interests until just recently. We’ve tried baseball, karate, soccer, and pretty much every other sport. Nothing could keep his attention for longer than a couple of months – until skateboarding. Now, he’s so excited to hop on his board and ride down the hills, begging for me to take him to the skate park even though we both know he isn’t ready just yet.

He asks me to take his photo, which he hasn’t been interested in for years now. We worked together to create a “panning” image after he saw one like it in a book at school. I did some research, my son boarded down the hill over and over, and the result is now one of my favorites. Scroll down to see the result!

It’s always so funny because I dreamed of him having a little skateboarder dude when I was pregnant. I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride, but am terrified every time I step on the board! He likes to make fun of me which doesn’t help either (haha!). Oh how I can’t wait to see who this guy continues to grow into.




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