My growing little family moves across the country in ONE MONTH! Beforehand, we had to make sure we visited one of Caswell’s favorite places – the La Jolla Birch Aquarium. I’ve lived in San Diego for the past twelve years. This city has been my home, my sanctuary, and the place I’ve loved to explore with my baby boy since the day he was born. It makes me sad to think that we won’t be able to repeat some of our favorite memories whenever we want when we move. But, I’m also excited to create adventures in a whole new location – especially with our newest addition to the family. So much is changing, but it’s all for the better.

On the way to the La Jolla Birch Aquarium we HAD to stop on the side of the road where these gorgeous trees overlooked the ocean. My son was once so afraid to climb (I curse the time he fell off the playground as a toddler). He’ll now climb anything and everything, though. And I love to watch.

Stay tuned because I’ll be creating a guide to our family’s favorite San Diego adventures! I made it my mission to spend every chance I got pretending to be a tourist in our city. We’ve taken advantage of so many of the amazing things San Diego has to offer over the years. I can’t wait to share them all with you!

No matter where you live, you can also become a live-in tourist. There’s beauty and experiences all around you. You just have to switch your perspective.




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