There can be tons of pressure to make your lovers’ military homecomings perfect. I’m going to let you in on a little secret though. It’s going to be perfect no matter what… You get your person back!! Even if you don’t have that Pinterest perfect sign or your kiddo is having a meltdown, once you get that first glance of them nothing else in the world will matter. BUT since I know we want to make military homecomings special for everyone involved, especially that first homecoming (speaking from personal experience); here are my top 5 tips on how to make military homecomings the best they can be and little more stress free!


Military Homecomings: My Top 5 Tips to Make Them Special


1. Try to Whoosah!

Okay so maybe I’m showing my age here, but in case you didn’t know, whoosah just means to find a state of calm. It can be nerve-wracking reuniting after months apart, I get it! Finding that calm and just being there with them in that moment will make it all the more special. Try to remember your love for each other instead of the anxiety surrounding the big day. No matter what goes down, you get to see your person again and hug the crap out of them. So it’ll be a great day!


Military Homecomings: My Top 5 Tips to Make Them Special

2. Dress Comfortably

Dress comfortably! We’ll chat more on this a little later, but you’ll be doing a lot of waiting. Make sure to wear something that is super comfy, but is also something you truly love. Military homecomings, specifically Navy homecomings, can be LONG and wearing something you don’t feel comfortable in or doesn’t feel amazing on your body can bring on even more stress. Aim for comfort while not throwing all style out the door. You still want them to remember what they were missing, but you don’t want to spend the day in an outfit that makes you feel terrible.


Military Homecomings: My Top 5 Tips to Make Them Special


3. Let Kids Be Kids

Let your kids wear what they want! Of course matching outfits from Etsy are ADORABLE. If the day comes and they don’t want to wear them, don’t fight it! They are going to be so excited and since they’re still learning to express their emotions, there may be meltdowns or they may be bouncing off the walls. Save yourself from a fight that day and let them wear whatever they want. The pictures will still be emotional and adorable because, look at your kiddo… how could they ever not photograph adorably? Keep things as stress-free as possible and have the best military homecoming you can.


Military Homecomings: My Top 5 Tips to Make Them Special


4. Hurry Up and Wait

Prepare to hurry up and wait. This day/moment is full of anticipation, so you’ll most likely feel rushed the day of. Getting yourself and then the kiddos ready may feel like a mad rush, but once you get there there will be A LOT of waiting, especially for Navy homecomings. I promise you, even after the ship pulls in, you’ll still have lots of time waiting for the sailors to come off. Try to schedule in  a deep breath here and there and slow down while you’re getting ready. Then once you get there, be prepared for the wait. Everything is going to be perfect, and you and the entire family will look stunning!


Military Homecomings: My Top 5 Tips to Make Them Special

5. What do THEY want?

Ask your loved one what THEY want to do when they get home. You may think you need to plan a ton of activities for their first day back. It’s more than likely that they’ll just want to go to your house and snuggle with everyone. They’ve just had a longggg few months so they may not want to go anywhere right when they get back. So just make sure to check in with them and plan a day that serves everyone involved.



Remember these are just some tips from a mama who’s been there and a photographer who’s seen a few military homecomings! None of these are rules, the only rule around here is to make it what you want. Perfection is not the goal, seeing your loved one for the first time in a while is! I hope this helps you feel a little less stressed while prepping for your next homecoming. As always, my inbox is open for any advice needed. If you are looking for a military homecomings photographer in the Virginia Beach or San Diego area, let’s chat!


Military Homecomings: My Top 5 Tips to Make Them Special




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