Who’s ready to see the most adorable maternity session? I’m so so ready to show you! This growing family was a couple of cuties and I felt so lucky to capture these moments for them. Let’s dig in to all the specifics of this Virginia Beach maternity photoshoot!



Bring on the Pups!

I love when couples bring their pups along and this session was no different! You can tell all the love their doggo had for them. He was SO excited to become a big brother. Their pup was such a model and even joined in on another family’s photoshoot on the beach. Pro Tip: When you’re bringing your pup to a photoshoot, bring a friend along as well. They can watch and love on your doggo while we’re shooting some shots of you and your lover. It makes for all around less stress for you and more time to be in the moment with your lover.

Kylyn + Lorenzo were the cutest little parents to be. They were up for anything! We climbed on rocks, soaked our shoes, got splashed and chased their dog around the beach. We had the best time capturing their love and excitement for a new member to join their family. What was extra special for me about this couple was just how amazing they were to work with, even from the start. Kylyn had referred me to two friends for their surprise proposals before we even had our session! I love finding amazing humans and getting to capture their lives, I love what I do!


Virginia Beach Maternity Photoshoot with Dog


A Maternity Session Filled with Love

What stuck out the most to me about their maternity photoshoot was the way they paused and just loved on each other. Lorenzo was leaving for deployment in just a few days so they really took the time to soak in their moments together. They used this shoot as extra time to just be together and enjoy each other’s company, which made for photos with so much emotion and connection.

I always recommend to make a date out of any photoshoot with your lover. Take some time to really just enjoy each other’s company and remember all the reasons you love them. Spending that little bit of extra time to fall in love even deeper with your lover right before our session, makes for stunning, emotion-filled photos. I’m here to capture your love and all the raw, real emotions that come with it in this chapter of your life. Making a date out of it, just helps that flow a little easier and takes that hint of nervousness out of the equation!



The Location of this Maternity Photoshoot

This maternity photoshoot was at Fort Story beach. Sadly, it’s on a navy base so you need an ID to get there. But if you don’t have an ID, North End beach is along the same coastline and it’s only minutes down the street. I love Fort Story beach because it reminds me so much of San Diego! This location really has it all: classic beach area, beautiful big rocks with splashing waves, a grassy field, and even a light house and a bridge. To top it all off, it’s super private so you don’t have to worry about a ton of strangers staring while you have your photos taken.

Here are a couple of pro tips for this beach. There are two parking lots with entrances near each other. One of them has the bridge in these photos, but it’s less well-known than the other entrance. There can be biting flies on this beach so come prepared for that!


Virginia Beach Maternity Photoshoot with Dog


Without Further Ado…

Let’s get into what you really came here for, the photos! I think I’ve chatted enough about their love that you’re ready to see Kylyn and Lorenzo right? I hope you enjoyed learning a little about them and find some inspiration for a maternity photoshoot of your own in these photos! If you’re looking for a San Diego maternity photographer, I’m your girl. Let’s chat!



Virginia Beach Maternity Photoshoot with Their Pup




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