According to mental health statistics, anxiety is the most common mental disorder in the United States. Anxiety is no longer something that few suffer from, but a common symptom that most people struggle with from time to time. As someone who has had anxiety, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for much of my life, I’ve had to learn a few tips and tools along the way in order to function like the successfu human, wife and mother I am now.

While I’ve tried multiple forms of medication in the past, from SSRI’s to even anti-psychotics, these only masked my symptoms and put a temporary band-aid on the underlying issues. So I had to find another way, through holistic healing techniques and alternative medicine. After almost ten years of utilizing these holistic healing tools and seeing their benefits firsthand, I’m ready to share all with those on the same path to become their best selves. These 100 holistic healing tools are everything I’ve learned and written down over the years while healing from fainting, dissociative seizures and severe sexual abuse. I still come back to these tools, time and time again when anxiety or depression symptoms begin. But having them in my back pocket allows me to recover quickly, or stop anxiety or negativity in its tracks before the thoughts grow.


Psychological Trauma and Mental Health

The underlying issue I’ve worked to heal over the past 10 years was trauma, and believe it or not, every single human being goes through trauma in some way to some varying degree. Even birth is a traumatic event for both baby and mom. And what affects one person in a small way, could have a huge impact on another. And so, mental health issues form.

If you’ve ever been up at night trying to fall asleep, but are instead reliving embarrassing moments or conversations, you’re reliving trauma. If you’re physically present, but feel mentally somewhere else. Trauma is affecting you. Your body is present, but your mind leaves in order to protect itself and go somewhere that feels safe. This is why I pass out. In order to stay safe, I literally leave my body. These 100 holistic healing tools are what has helped me learn to stay present in each moment, heal my energy fields, BREATHE through stress, and develop loving relationships with the people around me. Before using these holistic healing and alternative medicine tools, I had severe social anxiety and felt unsafe in most social situations.

If any of this sounds like you, even on a small level, read below to get a sense of some of the tools packed into this Free PDF Course. I list my favorite mindfulness, Spiritual, practical, and meditation tips and tricks that will help to rewire your brain and set you on a different path towards the life you’ve always dreamed of.

If I can do it, so can you. And if you’re ready to get started now, you can download 100 Tools for Holistic Healing here.


10 HOLISTIC HEALING TOOLS for Unlocking Your Healing Potential

  1. Stop avoiding what make you uncomfortable, whether thoughts or actions.
  2. Listen to the quiet whispers of your mind as much as possible and write them down. The tiny urges that you don’t usually pay attention to or put off can be super valuable.
  3. If you feel triggered, ask yourself what past event is triggering you. Then ask what age  you were at that time.
  4. Learn the balance of letting go and putting in work. Aligned action is much different than forced overworking.
  5. Soften your face or smile. Psychology shows even this can trick your brain into feeling more positive.
  6. Notice and write down any negative thoughts that repeat often. Switch them to their positive and use as affirmations.
  7. Remind yourself that the goal is not to be happy all the time. It is to allow all emotions to come and go like waves.
  8. Stop asking others for their opinion unless you truly need guidance.
  9. Send your energy out and expand it in a room instead of allowing the energies of others to control the atmosphere.
  10. Believe that the puzzle pieces of your life will all be put together eventually.

Holistic Healing Tools for Motherhood and Parenting

While I am a Shaman and work a lot with energy, quantum physics and channeling intuition, these holistic healing tools are meant for anyone struggling at any level. I love working with the Spiritual side of life, but I’m also a mom of three and a military spouse. This keeps me grounded in reality even when I want to go full woo-woo!

If you’re also a parent, and wonder if these methods relate to you as a family, here are some tools that work well with children:

100 Holistic Healing Tips for Anxiety and Mindfulness


Let’s All Heal and Evolve Together!

Self-love and self-confidence can help you begin to grow and move forward in life, without holding onto things that bring you down. As someone who struggled with many mental health issues in my own life, I know the impact they can have! By growing your personal healing toolbox, keeping small promises to yourself, and bringing your mind back to a place of calm, you can begin to create a better world for yourself inside and out. I hope this blog helps you learn how to begin your journey to life transformation.

Please remember I am always just a quick message away! I love to help and if any of the holistic healing methods on this list are confusing, please reach out and I can walk you through them. It is a long list, so I know it can seem overwhelming at first! But slowly read through and integrate each one and I promise your life will change in time.

For more healing tips and tricks, or just more info on breaking the cycle of childhood trauma, head over to my blog. You’ll find SO much education on how to heal your mind, raise amazing humans and more. Of course, I don’t claim to know it all. But because of my life experiences, I’ve had to educate myself on so many things. So, I’m here to make your educational journey wayyyy shorter than mine!


Motherhood, Home and Healing

If you loved this Free Course or any of the tools above, you can also download my Free Motherhood, Home and Healing bundle here! I include three PDF guides that you won’t want to miss out on. From how to decorate your home on a budget, how to begin to transform your mind, and how to photograph your children like a pro it’s jam-packed full of information. After signing up, I send a quick email newsletter each month to keep you up to date on my latest motherhood, home and healing techniques!

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