Suffering is a part of life.

Each and every experience, and person, in our lives is there to serve as a teacher.

Some are positive – and we cherish these people and the memories that go along with them.
We feel great, like we have it all together, and pray that this feeling lasts.
Other experiences are negative – and we fight the memories, hold dislike and anger towards the people involved, and place pity on ourselves.
Our positive attitude is tainted, and now our only focus is on the hurt that we feel.

if only we can remember the promise of change.

The promise that tomorrow, the sun will rise.
It will be a new day, filled with new experiences.
Experiences that we can create, based on our perception.

By understanding that highs and lows in life are normal, we can flow through life more easily.
It is by placing labels on what is happening, punishing ourselves for negative emotions, and focusing too much on the negative that we stop the flow of positive back into our realities.

For so long I believed something was wrong with me.
I didn’t understand why I felt so deeply, and why I’ve had so many negative occurrences in life.
Until I realized something – something that we all must eventually realize.

These experiences and these people, formed the person that I am today.
Without the difficult people in my life, I wouldn’t have become strong, motivated, and independent.
Without the suffering, I wouldn’t know empathy, and relate to others so easily.
I wouldn’t hold the people I love so dear, and have the heart that I do.

In the future, try to look at each negative, and turn it into a positive.
Focus your attention on your thoughts, and try to notice the feelings behind them.
Thank the experiences you have had, the suffering you have endured, and the lesson behind it.
Know that your life is ruled by Divine timing, and that all is perfectly well.

Without suffering, we would never know joy.
And without learning lessons, we could never grow.

“Gloriousness and wretchedness need each other.
One inspires us, the other softens us.
They go together.” – Pema Chodron



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