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For the most part, I’m a happy mom.
I am not the perfect mother.
And there’s no such thing.
But I try.
I try harder than he could ever imagine.
And if you can truly say that for yourself,
you’ll be fine with never reaching perfection,
or anything close to it.

You will know –
that as long as you’re trying,
you are succeeding.

Until not so long ago, motherhood felt like a struggle.
I tried so hard to be perfect and focused on all of the wrong things.

I focused on always being better than I believed I was –
on always doing more for my son,
more than any other generation of parents felt they have had to do.

Until I woke up,
and changed my way of thinking.

I realized that I am enough, and that I am trying my best.
And, so is my son.
And so are you.
No matter what, even on our toughest days,
where I may have lost my temper, and he spent time crying,
I know that I’ve tried.

On these nights, I’ll put him to bed, and think.
I no longer beat myself up for bad days.
I look them over,
evaluate what I could have done differently,
and move forward.

Knowing – that I tried, and that tomorrow,
I get another chance.

The very fact that we realize we aren’t perfect,
and have our faults in motherhood,
shows that we’re trying,
and that we ‘re learning.
All that we can hope for on this journey,
is to do the best that we know how.
And when we know more,
we can then do even better.

But in order to learn what is right,
we must be shown what’s wrong,
or what may no longer be working.

“Do the best you can until you know better.
Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou



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