After years of experimental surgeries, I’ve discovered that the true path towards my healing is through alternative medicine.

“Medicine in the future will give everyone the ability to become their own best healer.”Deepak Chopra

A year ago I became sick. A previous undiagnosed condition had flared up, and I was brought in for an emergency ultrasound. Later, I was hospitalized in the stroke ward after fainting in the waiting room of the radiology department. I was having what looked like seizures, passing in and out, and had every brain test possible to find out the cause – if it was not connected to this other condition.

No other issues were detected, and no doctor felt confident enough to treat me after previous experimental surgeries I had had as a child.

Because of this, I was sent home multiple times, and told to wait for treatment on my new diagnosis – a Peripheral Arteriovenous Malformation. My state was too complicated and I was told that the closest doctor that could help me was located in Colorado (I live in California).

Months went by, questions were left unanswered, and I remained bedridden hoping for a miracle or a trip to Colorado. One day after numerous doctor and hospital trips, I lay in bed unable even to turn my head

My family and boyfriend begged that I return to the hospital, in fear that this would be the last day of my life. I refused, and held onto faith.

Under close watch I made it through that day and spent the next few weeks bedridden doing research. Books became my outlet. So, I began taking notes and making countless internet searches. We all continued to remain faithful. Soon, my AVM began to calm down enough for me to function. No one but my boyfriend knew at the time, but I was finding new answers, in those books. I had also come across an older woman, who changed my view of the world and my view of myself. Within a month or so of our meeting, I was functioning normally again. This was through the use of Reiki and my own spiritual practice – surrender to what is.

A year later, my life has since changed dramatically. I am back in school, for Psychology, following my dreams as a photographer, and living with the love of my life – a man who took care of me for months when I could barely stand. My leg has gone from swollen and ice cold, to warm and functioning. I am now running a mile each day in order to get back into the shape that I once was before the condition flared.

Most importantly though, I’ve found what seems to be a hidden community – of healers.

Men and women who have gone through the same type of crises as me, to emerge stronger and better off than ever. Their lives have transformed and so has mine. It is now my hope to make this type of healing my life’s work. I would like to combine Psychology with Spirituality, the mind with the body.

Energy healing has saved me, when no Western medical practices were able to.

I will be traveling to Guatemala for ten days in February, with a group who in different ways has also made their life’s work to bring in a new way of being. I will be going there to learn, from Mayan shamans and others from various indigenous tribes. There, I’ll be learning to heal, not only myself but others. I will be bringing back a new way of being, a new way of life, and I would like to share it with all that will listen.

Just because something seems foreign to us in our Western culture, does not mean that it is crazy or untrue.

Western medicine has become out of control, with various pills, and diagnoses, only bringing about worse conditions and even more diagnoses needing more medication. Diseases of the mind are treated as insanity. When in reality, these people are simply struggling with the conditions of their lives. Change these conditions, both inside and out, and these “diseases” will be changed as well. I have studied neuroscience, biological psychology, and various other sciences but now it is time to include other aspects of the brain, those that not even science can disprove.

I was one of those people, experimented on for years. Surgery after surgery with no diagnosis. Ten years later, questions remained unanswered. Treatments that I had been given were shown to have only complicated the condition that I had. I was one of those people, searching for medication after medication for crippling anxiety. Years of changing and raising prescriptions for a condition that was only ever healed after stopping all medication. We cannot heal our body, or our mind, without first looking into ourselves.

Everything that we need to heal is already inside of us. And with the right practices, we all can be free of unnecessary prescriptions, medical practices, and unanswered questions.


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I also had , nothing short of a miracle using nontraditional healing practice. I tried to share my experience but no one wanted to dialog about it or even seemed iterated. I will be praying they will listen to your journey. Western medicine is only equipped to cause more damage to those of us with this mysterious malformation. Thank you for sharing what you know. I will be looking for more from you
Cynthia Gauthier

That is amazing! Can I ask what type of condition you were healing? I would love to hear more about this, could you email me? I really hope that one day most will be more open to nontraditional methods. It could save a lot of unnecessary suffering! <3


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