Lately, I’ve been really focusing on the inner whispers of my mind. The ones I push away, or think to myself that if I listened, it would be silly. I’ve even begun keeping a list of those exact moments to go back to later. Every so often, I will pick something, and do it.

So often the little whispers we ignore or resist are the direct guidance coming from our Soul. And, I’ve been shown over and over again that when we listen, we are rewarded so much more than we could imagine.

And so, I have decided to post more blogs on lifestyle topics, especially pregnancy! I am now entering my third trimester and have honestly found this pregnancy to be much more uncomfortable than my others.

For those of you that may be going through something similar, or are preparing for conception, this list of goodies I have found extremely useful may help!

The cool thing is that almost all of these products can be used well after I give birth, and some are even things I have been using for years that have so easily transitioned into this period of my life. Even if you are not currently pregnant, I recommend taking a look.


  • Arizona Soft Footbed Birkenstock – the best $135 you will ever spend

    If I could tell you the most important piece of clothing you will need for your pregnancy, it would be these shoes. They literally form to your foot and feel like you are wearing slippers all day.

    I’ve noticed that I almost never have swelling when I wear them and overall my feet have felt so much better during this pregnancy than my first. You seriously cannot go wrong with these! I would also have a salesperson help you with the sizing because they run different and mine explained to me what size would work best for me and why.

  • Indigo Blue Maternity Jeans from Motherhood Maternity – $30 to $50

    These jeans are sooo comfortable and are almost always on sale. They also have super cute styles and the pair I’m wearing right now is honestly my favorite pair of jeans I’ve ever owned. They’re lightweight and stretchy, don’t have a cheap smell that a lot of inexpensive jeans have, and I seriously plan to wear them even after giving birth.

  • ComfyCush Ripstop Era Vans – $ 65

    I just happened to stumble onto these while at Vans to buy a pair of slip-ons. I literally couldn’t get the slip-on style over my foot without my husband’s help so I decided to try these on. THANK GOODNESS I DID. I don’t have to bend over to get them on and the padding under my feet feels so good.

  • Target Tank Tops – $8 to $10 (A New Day or Isabel Maternity)

    I stumbled upon the A New Day tank tops and was pleasantly surprised to find that I could size up one or two sizes (so that my belly is covered) and the tank top would still be tight around the rest of my body. I really don’t like the ruched sides in most maternity shirts and the tank tops by Isabel have none so they are also perfect! I recommend stocking up on black and white and pairing them with different outerwear.

  • Sweaters, Cardigans, Long Jean Jackets

    My favorites are A New Day from Target or basically any Target brand because they last so long and only range from about $20 to $30. This pregnancy, a majority of the weight I’ve put on has gone directly to my back (ugh), so I have been living in tank tops and cardigans which has been perfect for the Fall and upcoming Winter.

  • Isabel Maternity Crossover Panel Active Leggings – $34.99

    These are the perfect workout leggings, or even to wear every day. They are super comfortable and I am loving wearing them with my Vans, a maternity tank, and zip-up. It is such a comfortable outfit for the fall!

  • Hydroflask – $42.95 and the Brita Ten-Cup Watcher Pitcher – $ 36.99

    Honestly, both of these have been one of the best investments my husband could have ever made in our health. I have never been a water drinker, but a couple of years ago after receiving a Hydroflask from him, that completely changed.

    Our whole family now has the same hydro flask in the same color and we all use the Wide Mouth Straw Lid ($9.95) for ease. I fill mine once (maybe twice) a day and find myself constantly sipping while the water inside stays icy cold. We also use the Brita pitcher and only have to change the filters once every few months while filling three flasks multiple times a day. Seriously, if you could do anything for your health, do this!

  • Thayer’s Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Facial Toner – $7.99

    This is one of those purchases that just ended up being exactly what I needed. I had my eye on this toner for honestly a year or two before I actually made the purchase (I’m not sure why I waited so long). This alone has seriously transformed my skin.

    I use a soaked cotton pad in the morning and then again at night and my skin has become SO smooth. I also use oils every once in a while but I definitely contribute the change in my previously dry skin to this product since it is what I use most consistently. Instead of drying my face out like other toners, it actually hydrates! And I use the Lavender scent for the extra soothing benefits.

  • Aerie High Waist Underwear – 6 for $25

    I purchased the Lace Highwaisted Boy Brief Undie just to try it out and was so pleasantly surprised. The fit is perfect and Aerie runs their underwear sale so often, I definitely recommend waiting until it is on their site.

  • Maternity Lace Sea Angel One-Piece Bathing Suit – $39.99

    Obviously, a bathing suit is not a pregnancy essential but if you are looking for one I highly recommend this suit from Target. It is so comfortable and I will even wear it postpartum.

  • Knix Thigh Saver – $36

    I’m not going to lie, chub-rub has been real this pregnancy and although the cooler months are just about here, I still find that t-shirt dresses are my go-to for comfort. These have been a lifesaver and I knew after seeing them on The Birds Papaya Instagram, I had to give them a try.

    They are actually not advertised as a maternity product but I was super happy to find that they fit perfectly over my belly! I do have to pull the belly part up every so often when it falls down, but for a product that isn’t meant to cover a growing stomach, it does the job pretty well.



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