Only a few years ago I felt pretty unhappy in life. I worked full time in an office as a single mom going to school part time, and saw no future end date to school or my job. Honestly, I saw no future at all. I was living for other people. I followed what I thought they wanted or needed from me without ever thinking about what I wanted, or especially what I needed. Things became so difficult that I finally just gave up. I didn’t want to run my life anymore – I was depressed and felt like a failure.

And so, I chose to let go.

I decided that I was done trying to control anything in my life. A lot of the choices I had made previously didn’t end very well, although they taught me important lessons. Eventually I found Spirituality, and that’s when things began to really turn around.

Spirituality has taught me to surrender. Surrender life to the unknown, and watch as little miracles begin to happen. I no longer worry about a lot of my decisions. There are still stressors present in my life (some extreme), but I’m able to quickly adjust and let them go, knowing there’s a greater purpose and that better things are coming.

I am constantly shown my next steps, and although I don’t always understand them, I have been given enough evidence to know that eventually all of the pieces will come together. Live your life like this, and I promise that great changes will come in time. This type of trust in the Universe doesn’t happen over night. I’m three or four years into my journey and still learning every day.

“Jesus Take the Wheel”

The times that we have the most stress and upset in our lives, are the times where we must learn to let go the most. Release the need to control any outcome. Simply ask for the best possible. The more that we trust, the more that we will be trusted, and in return, the more that we’ll receive.

I can’t believe how much my life has transformed since only 2014. In that time, I left an unhealthy relationship to later find the man of my dreams. I left my job to pursue my dream career. And right now, I’m sitting in a hotel in Guatemala, as a shaman, practicing among other shamans. If you told this to me only years ago, I would’ve laughed in your face. If you told me to leave my life up to chance, you probably would’ve gotten the same reaction.

But small, simple steps every day have led me to where I am. I’ve found that the more we practice allowing and releasing the need to control, the more that it becomes second nature. Life begins to flow downstream, and that constant feeling of resistance against the current begins to fade.



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