When I first began my spiritual journey, and began paying attention to the signs and synchronicities all around me, I kept a notebook of what I noticed. I would write down any synchronicity that occurred, or any event that left me with tingles all over. I still continue to write in this journal, although I now only mark down the really big ones – the miracles that happen out of the blue.

You can read this blog in order to understand more about what signs and synchronicities to pay attention to, but I wanted to give a quick explanation of what I call “sacred numbers” and their meanings – for me.

Their meaning may not be the same for everyone, so it is important to ask yourself what resonates with you, and what feels most authentic. The guides use what works best for YOU while trying to communicate. For me, it was easiest to look up meanings through this website, and then weed out what resonated most to find the direct guidance offered at the time. I found the “right” website just by googling and feeling which one stood out the most and felt the best to me. That is all it takes.

Just ask yourself which you like the best, what feels most true to YOU, and go with it. You always have the answers, you just have to take the time to ask yourself – which may of us do not do.

If none of these resonate with you, that is okay. If they do, great! You have a place to start.

Begin to pay attention to the numbers all around you, and watch as they will begin to repeat, or pop up at times just when you need them – if you take the time to notice.

Make a note, whether mental or physical, and continue on your journey. The more the guides see that you are open to receiving, the more they will give.

Repeating 0’s and 1’s (together)

This means that great change is about to take place. It may feel like things are falling apart, or that everything seems to be going wrong, but it is actually the opposite. Life is changing direction and things are actually falling into place. Hang on tight for the ride, and things will return to a new normal soon.


A wink from the Universe that All is Well. Everything is coming together just as it should.

Repeating 1’s

New beginnings are taking place, or this is your chance for a new beginning – whether you choose to accept it or not.


Have no fear.

Repeating 3’s

Pay close attention – either to your thoughts, surroundings, or the actions of those around you. There is a message in all of this.

Repeating 4’s

Your Spirits, Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters are all around you. You are loved and protected, and everything will be okay. (I usually see this when I need a bit of a pep talk to continue on, or to have faith in myself or what is happening).


This is my birthdate, and is always a HUGE sign that I am on the right track and everything is going according to plan. (Yours could be your own birthday.)

Repeating 4’s and 7’s

Congratulate yourself! You are doing so well on your path, and are completing the steps needed to reach your goals.

Repeating 5’s

Change is happening, or about to happen. Things may be moving in a new direction now. Be open to change.

(I currently have no meaning for the number 6.)
Repeating 7’s or 1’s and 7’s

Think positive. It is important to pay attention to your thoughts right now, and where you are allowing them to drift.

Repeating 8’s

Prosperity and abundance. You are on the path to having all that you desire. Continue on.

Repeating 9’s or 1’s and 9’s

Completion. Something in your journey has ended, either a difficult time, a relationship, or even a feeling. You can leave it in the past.


This can either be a warning or a sign of completion – you have to ask yourself which.

Also, often times, (but not always) 0’s or 1’s attached to a number make it stronger. Like I said, it has taken me some time to develop an understanding of what the guides are trying to tell me. Once you create your own meanings, it will be so much fun watching and listening! You will have your very own secret language that will help guide you along your path.

Pay attention, and you will never feel alone, or as if you can’t handle what is happening around you. This is huge for easing anxiety, panic attacks, or overall depression.

When you feel that life is happening for you, and not against you, it makes it much easier to walk through.



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