The Universe is constantly communicating with you. Whether or not you’re ready receive its guidance is up to you.


Years ago, after beginning to work on mindfulness training and noticing the thoughts that came into my head, I began to also notice signs all around me. The signs first began with repeating numbers. I never really paid attention to 1111 before this, but all of a sudden – the number was everywhere. I constantly looked at the clock at that exact time morning and night. I’d notice that a random thought would pop up in my head to look at the clock when I had no real reason to. It would continuously be 11:11. Not only that, but I would begin to feel chills and tingles after noticing the number. It was as if I was being spoken to in another language – the language of feeling.

Around the same time, I was also working on letting out emotions which I had trained myself to hold in my entire life. As a teenager, I prided myself in the fact that I never cried. I scoffed at people who would cry in front of others, or cry in general. My belief was that this made me tough and untouchable. What I didn’t realize was I was literally creating an imprint of each painful moment and tear held back in my body. Later, these would be released, and I’d cry for entire days on and off, for what seemed like no real reason. 

But at this time, I began to cry in my car. I would have a long day at work, or something would set me off and I’d cry and scream the whole way home. I had read something once that recommended letting it all out in your car, where you felt safe and knew that no-one could hear you – and so I did. 


As I’d cry, I’d look up for a moment at the sky. I began to notice a plane, flying in the same direction every time, and giving me the same tingly feeling all over my body. It would immediately tell me “It will all be okay, you are headed in the right direction”. After some time, I began to associate the direction the plane was going in with where I stood in life. If that plane flew the opposite way, I would look at my behavior, and think about whether or not I was moving forward or acting in my same old ways.

After more and more of these occurrences began happening, I started to keep a record – a notebook of all the signs that gave me that same blissful feeling, as if being held by angels. And, the more I noticed these signs, the more and more I was shown. I highly recommend keeping a book of all that you notice throughout your day. When the Universe and your guides see that you are paying attention, they will begin sending more and more signs your way!

Signs to Pay Attention To:
1. Repeating Numbers.

I use this blog to look up their meanings. Find a website that you resonate with, and use the same one each time. Your guides will have a better way of communicating if they know you will find the right answers easily.

2. Animals you encounter.

I look up their meanings using a spirit animal website.

3. Songs that become stuck in your head.

Look up the lyrics, especially if you only know certain parts of the song. Your guides are often only able to use what you know and will send you a chorus, but you may still need the bigger picture.

Example: My husband and I went through a rough patch when a lot in our life was up and down. Almost every single morning I would wake up with Hansen’s MMMbop chorus in my head (the MMMbop part was the ONLY line I knew) and it was quite frankly driving me nuts. After over a week of this and not understanding why I was singing a happy tune while my mood was so down, I finally decided to look up the lyrics and found that they were all about relationships and holding onto that one person who will be there with you through anything. It all immediately clicked, and the song stopped playing each day.

4. Experiences that cause you to have a shiver down your spine, or tingles all over.

Pay attention to your thoughts at this time, or what is going on around you.

5. Your dreams.


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