Practicing mindfulness isn’t only for those people out there who seem to have all the time in the world to put theirselves first. For those of us with seemingly NO time, it’s even more important! As a mother, it can be difficult to create a routine that feels good for our mind, body, and soul. Many of us are extremely busy. We may be running around to different places at all different times of the day. Or we may have responsibilities at home to take care of. Before we can do something for ourselves, there are often tasks that need to be completed.

We need to remember though, that before we can care for others, we must first fill our own cups. When we’re giving from an empty cup, we won’t be giving from a place of love. Our frustrations will begin to show more quickly, or we’ll find ourselves unable to give at all.

I can’t always do the same thing everyday, and especially not at the same time. When you have children and other responsibilities, each day looks different. As parents, we often can’t lay our day out ahead of time unless we have some special type of circumstance. A baby, toddler, or child will always change things around which can leave us frustrated if we strive for a routine that then doesn’t work out.

This will often lead to us giving up on our practice at all – which of course, does us no good. What I have found, is that it’s important to strive for much less when we are first beginning something.

Don’t plan on meditating for twenty minutes a day each and every day at the same exact time. Just meditate when you can – five minutes here, five minutes there, and maybe not even every single day. When we set expectations for ourselves that are too high, and things don’t work out, we may begin to think that it just isn’t possible and give up.

I’m here to tell you that it IS possible. A mother (or father)’s mindfulness/spiritual practice just may look very different from a person with no children. We have to use the time we have, instead of trying to make time.

When you find that you have an extra five, ten, or twenty minutes all to yourself, what can you fill that with?

Use those few peaceful minutes to practice deep breathing – five seconds in, five seconds out. Visualize something you are really hoping to manifest. Focus on your five senses and bring yourself back to the present moment in order to ease the stress or anxiety of everyday motherhood life.

Or you can simply close your eyes, and feel into this quiet moment that you are being given. I’ll often add in the kundalini mantra “sat nam” and repeat it over and over in my mind (this is also how I fall asleep and practice yoga). Sat nam means “the truth is within” or “I know the truth”. It helps to remind me that I always have the answers, and that I have the power to continue on this journey no matter how difficult it may be.

Another mantra or affirmation may work for you. Some of my favorites are “I approve of myself” or “I am powerful”.

The opportunities are endless if you really hope to evolve and change your mindset, and with it – your life. You just need to get creative and really utilize the time that you DO have instead of focusing on not having as much as you may like.



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