This dreamy, boho beach elopement might be my favorite elopement to date! Jockey’s Ridge State Park was really showing off for Sarah + Justin’s elopement. Sarah + Justin were SO much fun and they made this elopement in North Carolina even better. They are the sweetest, and we instantly felt like old friends. From the flowers to the location to the couple, this beach elopement was as close to perfection as you can get. Let’s chat a little about Sarah + Justin and this gorgeous elopement location in North Carolina, with a few elopement tips + tricks along the way!

Remember that elopement we chatted about in my “Things to do at the Outer Banks” blog? This is the one! If you came here for inspiration for a beach elopement in North Carolina, head over to that blog after to see where to stay and fun activities you could do while in town for your elopement!


Boho Beach Elopement in Outer Banks, NC


Sarah + Justin’s Beach Elopement

Sarah + Justin were so much fun! It was an honor to spend the day with them. They have the most down-to earth personalities. We have SO much in common and the conversation never stopped flowing. We instantly felt like old friends! The photos from their beach elopement in North Carolina really show just how much fun we had and just how in love they are.

Justin + Sarah have two kids, a boy and a girl. And they’re pregnant with their third! Sarah had that pregnancy glow which only made her look even more angelic in these beach elopement photos. She is the florist for Rust Events, so she made her own flowers! We’ve collaborated on styled elopements before so I knew the flowers were going to be stunning and we’d have such a fun time.

They eloped at Jockey’s Ridge State Park in Outer Banks, NC. This beach was stunning and is probably one of my favorite beaches to elope at in Outer Banks. The sand dunes really transport you to another world. I chat a little more about it in my Outer Banks blog, but have even more tips below too! The sunset for this beach elopement was stunning! It was truly insane how beautiful it was. The bright pinks and reds were gorgeous. We stayed and captured as much as the sun would let us and only ended when all the light left.

One of my favorite things from this beach elopement was the way Justin would look at Sarah. He was just in awe of her beauty and their love. You could instantly tell just how deeply their love for each other is. They, also, couldn’t stop cracking up laughing with each other and just having the best time. It was the perfect day!


Boho Beach Elopement photos in Outer Banks, NC


How to Have the Best Elopement

Elopements don’t have a strict set of rules for the day, that’s part of the reason I love them! For the most part, you can do whatever you want and highlight whatever you want. You get to make the day exactly what you want and nothing more.

For this beach elopement, we started with vows first so that Sarah + Justin could spend the rest of their time doing whatever they wanted. We brought a cake and ate it on the dunes, explored Jockey’s Ridge, watched the sunset, and overall they just enjoyed being there with each other. It’s a day to just have fun and enjoy, not to focus on a to-do list!

Another of my favorites from this beach elopement was Sarah’s cowboy boots. She loved them and really wanted to make sure we showcased them in some way. If there is ever anything that you’re fully obsessed with from your day (like Sarah’s boots), make sure to include it in the photos! Have your photographer make it a point to capture those things. You’ll want images to look back on and remember your favorite items and moments from the day. Those images will forever stand out in your memories. This beach elopement in North Carolina was such a fun time, filled with only things Sarah + Justin wanted for their day. Because of that, the photos from their beach elopement turned out that much more stunning!


Boho Beach Elopement photos in Outer Banks, NC


Eloping at Jockey’s Ridge

This beach elopement was located at Jockey’s Ridge State Park sand dunes! This state park is so pretty. The vibes are immaculate and so boho. You know I love a boho, beachy vibe and this state park was the epitome of that. The sand dunes were stunning. The vast, wide open dunes, made for some fun photo opportunities.

The park has lots of short trails, and it’s such a quick walk into the vastness of the dunes. There are some hills though, so definitely be prepared for those. Sarah was pregnant and a little out of breath (I was too), but fully able to do it, explore the area, and have fun. So while you should be prepared for them, they really aren’t that bad! There is also an area for bathrooms, so if you wanted a longer elopement there you wouldn’t have to worry about potty breaks in the middle of the park. 😉 The parking is also super easy so that’s one less thing to worry about on your elopement day. Jockey’s Ridge is so gorgeous, honestly it’s hard to describe just how gorgeous it is.


Boho Beach Elopement photos in Outer Banks, NC


These Jockey’s Ridge Beach Elopement Photos

If you couldn’t tell by now, I loved this elopement and am so excited to share it with you! I hope you find all the beach elopement inspiration in these photos. If you’re ever looking for a traveling elopement photographer based in Southern California, I’m your girl! I’m so excited to go back to Jockey’s Ridge for more elopements. So if these photos are what you’ve been dreaming of, let’s chat. I can’t wait to hear about your love story and your most perfect elopement day!



Photography: Catherine Julia Art + Wellness

Florals: Rust Events

Dress: Untamed Petals

Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Earrings: Anthropologie



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