If when you think about childhood photoshoots, you feel immediately stressed… this blog is for you. I bet you’re thinking of wrangling all the kiddos together to get that one perfectly staged shot. I’m here to let you in on 5 little secrets of why you should embrace the chaos through child photography! Let’s chat about why and how chaos can actually be the BEST ingredient for a childhood photoshoot.

No childhood session looks the same once you embrace the chaos. This kind of photography isn’t about striking the perfect pose or having the biggest grin. It’s about capturing memories of this phase of your kiddo’s life. It’s about capturing moments and turning them into photos you’ll treasure forever and your kids will actually want you to show their friends when they’re older. It’s about capturing the joy of childhood in whatever form it takes in the eyes of your kids. So here are my top 5 reasons why I KNOW embracing the chaos during your childhood session will do ALL of that!


5 Reasons To Embrace the Chaos During Your Next Childhood Photoshoot - child photography

1. You WANT to see and capture your kiddo’s true personality!

To me, childhood photography is all about capturing the unique personality of your children. When you embrace the chaos, you’re able to let their personality shine. There are times when a forced pose and smile are what you’re looking for from your kids (your cousins wedding, for example). But when it comes to a photoshoot just to capture the unique phase of life your child is in, you want to see and capture those moments where they show their true personality. With kids, that only happens when you let them PLAY and embrace whatever they want to do.

5 Reasons To Embrace the Chaos During Your Next Childhood Photoshoot - child photography

2. Everyone will treasure photos that actually FEEL good.

Which would you rather frame in your house? The picture of your daughter standing still, arms crossed with a smile that clearly says “CHEESE”? OR the photo of your daughters playing together, barefoot in a field, exploring the world and dancing around? For me it’s almost always the second option. When the photos have great memories behind them they FEEL way better than forced smiles and frustration. So, rather than forcing them into a pose or to smile, let’s let them be their crazy, messy, or even shy selves! (Trust me, you’ll treasure these kinds of photos so much more.)


5 Reasons To Embrace the Chaos During Your Next Childhood Photoshoot - child photography

3. Chaos brings laughter and joy!

There comes a point with chaos that you just have to laugh and go along with it. That point starts at the beginning of a childhood session with me! When you let the craziness take whatever form your child wants for the session, it normally brings laughter and joy for EVERYONE involved. As long we let it happen and go with the flow, chaos can honestly be the best thing you can bring to a childhood photo session.


5 Reasons To Embrace the Chaos During Your Next Childhood Photoshoot - child photography

4. Movement brings so much to a photo.

Whether it’s a childhood session or not, movement makes the photo so much more interesting and full of emotion! I’m always telling clients during other types of sessions to sway, walk, etc. For childhood sessions, movement comes natural to them! Why would we tell them to bottle up that energy when we can use it to create even better images? We WANT them to be as comfortable in their body as possible. Forcing them to stand still in a stiff pose isn’t going to capture as much emotion as letting them freely move while I snap away with my camera.


5 Reasons To Embrace the Chaos During Your Next Childhood Photoshoot - child photography

5. Child Photography is an opportunity to explore!

With childhood sessions, we don’t just take photos in one location, we go on an adventure. We want your kiddos to feel like they’re also in control so they feel special and have the best attitude throughout our time together. We do that by letting them take the reins on deciding where we go! We’ll let your kiddos decide whether we’re going to run in a field, hop in a lake, or choose which puddle we’ll jump in. Let their creativity and chaos flow and the photos you’ll capture will be pure MAGIC.



The Girl Behind The Camera Capturing Your Kiddos

Hey, (if you didn’t know) I’m Catherine Julia, but you can call me Katie. I’m a Virginia Beach (soon to be San Diego) childhood photographer who loves capturing moments of your kiddos that become core memories. Child photography has such a special place in my heart because I have three babies of my own. It’s so valuable to me to have tangible memories of every moment of their tiny lives. Childhood is fleeting, so every moment is invaluable. Ready to embrace the chaos and capture your kiddo in their natural habitat? Let’s chat!



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