SO you decided you found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? Yay, congratulations! Now comes the hard part, proposing to them! What I love about proposals is that there isn’t one size that fits all. You truly get to do whatever honors you and your partner in that phase of your life. You’re able to show your love for them to the world in whatever way you want, and that is SO special! That all being said, it can feel like the most nerve wracking thing in the world while you’re planning it. That’s where I come in! I’ve been around the block a few times and have photographed my fair share of proposals. I’ve also been proposed to, so I’m uniquely positioned to share these proposal ideas to make your engagement proposal as unique and special as possible. Let’s chat all things proposals!


Let’s start this proposal ideas blog off by saying, every single tip here might not apply to you. That is totally fine! Every proposal should be completely unique to you and your love. So if you hate all these tips, I’m in no way offended. If you read through all of this and still feel lost though, don’t worry I’m here. Message me through my contact form with all of your questions and needs. I will do my best to answer them. And as always, if you are looking for a photographer to capture your perfect proposal in the Virginia Beach or San Diego area… Let’s chat!!


Engagement Proposal Ideas, Tips, + Tricks You Won't Want to Miss


Act Natural

Let’s get this out of the way first. I know it may seem like an impossible feat to act natural and stay calm, when you are hours away from asking the love of your life to marry you. BUT if you’re wanting it to be a surprise… Act natural! No matter what they’ll probably be a little suspicious, but try your best not to act totally weird. While there are little things you can do and say leading up to the event to throw them off your scent. Unless they have literally no clue you are thinking of proposing any time soon, they’re going to be on high alert. Stay calm and act like it’s a regular day! Then they won’t catch on as quick and your surprise will remain in tact for a little longer.


Engagement Proposal Ideas, Tips, + Tricks You Won't Want to Miss


Proposal Ideas: Make it Unique to You

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let’s chat location. Something that will make it special right off the bat is choosing a location that has significance to you as a couple. Maybe it’s where you had your first date, where you said “I love you” for the first time, a place you’ve always talked about going together, or maybe they’ve just always wanted to be proposed to there. Whatever the reason, find a location special to you and you’ll be starting off on the right foot.

Make the day unique to you as well! You can make a whole day out of it and do a treasure hunt sort of situation. You could make a date out of it. Go to dinner at your favorite restaurant or have a picnic in your favorite spot (think cheeseboard + champagne, the pics would be STUNNING). You could include the family or propose on the beach just the two of you (like the couple in this gallery). As long as you are putting thought behind how to make it special for them and you both as a couple, they are going to love it. I promise you!


Engagement Proposal Ideas, Tips, + Tricks You Won't Want to Miss


Proposal Ideas: Add in a Special Touch

If you want to get really special and sentimental, include something special in the proposal. Instead of just pulling out the ring in the ring box it came in, build them something or buy something special to hold the ring in! My husband made a box out of legos with my son. I’ve seen others make their own little box out of wood. Think of a way to make that small detail special and trust me, they will remember those details forever. Adding an extra little keepsake may require a little extra work on your part, but it’s always a great way to go and a great way for them to have something to hold to forever.


Engagement Proposal Ideas, Tips, + Tricks You Won't Want to Miss


Proposal Ideas: Don’t Forget to Include the Kiddos

If you already have children, include them! They are just as much a part of this as you two. So do something with them to include them in the proposal. They’ll remember being a part of the proposal for the rest of their life!! My son may STILL want his legos back, but he talks about being a special part of my husband popping the question to this day. It’ll for sure be a core memory for them either way. Why not make it more fun and more special for them?


Engagement Proposal Ideas, Tips, + Tricks You Won't Want to Miss


At the end of the day, you don’t need all the glitz and the glam if that isn’t you as a couple. Remember what a proposal is truly about, the love you share with this amazing human. Not a single other thing matters. Take a deep breath and release that pressure. Know that they will love it just because it’s you telling the world how much you love them! Sure a big grand gesture is nice, but your lover is just ready for you to ask the question and they will be so happy when you do!


Chelsea + Sebastien are such good humans, and I felt so lucky to capture their proposal! Their celebration was simple, but so romantic and intentional. He made her a special keepsake that he put the ring in to propose with and she LOVED it. Keep scrolling to see just how happy she was to just be asked the question. Maybe you’ll even get a few proposal ideas of your own from them!




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