San Diego is a dream city to elope in. Okay, I might be a little bias, but hear me out. There’s beautiful weather here year round! You’ll find every backdrop and location vibe you can imagine for your elopement. From well-known favorites and popular spots to remote hideaways, you’ll find a location for whatever your vibe. There are tons of activities and options of fun things to do during or after your elopement. Lastly and maybe most importantly, it’s a built in honeymoon spot! Beaches, culture, amazing food and nightlife, and (again) fabulous weather, sounds like a perfect honeymoon to me. Save on air fair and still have an unforgettable honeymoon. There’s an elopement location for every couple and every vibe in San Diego. To really show you how much of a dream elopement city San Diego is, let’s go over all of my most favorite locations to elope in San Diego!


Best Places to Elope in San Diego


Balboa Park

Balboa Park is park just outside of downtown San Diego. This park made the list mostly for how stunning the grounds and architecture are, but also the fact that there are so many different backdrops available in this park! It’s full of culture, history, stunning architecture, and hundreds of different types of flowers and vegetation. There are museums, terraces, gardens, and even this pond pictured above! Talk about maximizing on photo locations.

While I’m, of course, always thinking about the stunning photos, there is also over 1,000 acres of walkable grounds. So you can take some time with your lover after saying “I do” to walk around and just enjoy being together! There are food carts in the park with snacks and ice cream so once you get hungry, you have food right there. Since it’s close to downtown, an afterparty at a nice restaurant or heading straight to the bar is definitely an option. Balboa park is a must see location if you want European vibes for your San Diego elopement! For more info on Balboa Park click here!



Best Places to Elope in San Diego

Del Mar Cliffs

The Del Mar Cliffs are located next to the Corona Del Mar Beach. I love this location for an elopement because you get about 1/2 mile of beaches as well as the cliffs for photo spots. It can get crowded at certain times and days though. If you walk along the top of the cliffs, they become super secluded and quiet. So if you’re looking for a private spot to exchange vows with your lover, you’ll definitely find a spot here!

There are also trendy + romantic restaurants just a short drive away. Have a nice romantic dinner (I don’t have to cook or clean) after marrying the love of your life? Sign me up! I actually had my own maternity photos taken here. Let me tell ya, they are stunning. You can check them out here, if you want to see for yourself! So I know first hand just how gorgeous photos can turn out at Del Mar Cliffs. If you’re looking for a more coastal location for your San Diego elopement this is the location for you! For more info on Del Mar beach + cliffs head here!



Best Places to Elope in San Diego

Cowles Mountain

This location is more for the adventurers! The kind of couple that doesn’t mind going on a hike before their elopement. The hike to the top of this mountain definitely isn’t huge though, my 3 year old used to hike it a bunch with us. So yes a hike is required, but a small easy one. Once you get to the top, the views are beautiful!

It overlooks all of San Diego, which can be a bit busy for the background of photos. There are a few spots on the backside where no one goes that are gorgeous and more private. This is the prime spot if you’re looking for more nature and mountain vibes for your elopement, but want to stay in San Diego. Here is more about the trail and how to get to the top of the mountain!



Joshua Tree

Okay so this location isn’t technically in San Diego, but it’s a quick two hour trip. Trust me, it’s definitely worth the drive! Joshua Tree National Park is SO gorgeous and just overwhelmingly cool. It gives off huge desert vibes, but has so much other stunning landscape. There are cactus + Joshua trees, big rock clusters, and tons of flat lands. There are just so many cool places and nature to explore in this park.

My family and I went on vacation to Joshua Tree and camped overnight under the stars. It’s, to date, one of our favorite vacations because of getting to camp under the stars with such low light pollution. If camping isn’t your thing though, there are tons of amazing Airbnb’s in the area too! If you rent an Airbnb, we can also capture getting ready photos and mini “in home” session before we head to the “ceremony” part of your elopement. (Always thinking about maximizing your photos!) Fair warning though, the service out here is awful, so be prepared for that. Head here for more info on Joshua Tree National Park.



My Top 5 Places to Elope in San Diego

These locations to elope in San Diego are just the start. I created a FREE guide of locations to elope in San Diego. If you’re planning on  to elope in San Diego and feel a little lost on where to start looking for locations, this is for you! To see my top 5 locations for a San Diego elopement, head here. If you’re still looking for a photographer for your San Diego elopement, let’s chat! I’d love to hear all about your love story and the plans for your day.



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