This San Diego elopement was so fun to capture, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys! Karli + Steve are such an in love couple. Their love story is so frickin cute! If you’re here for inspiration for your San Diego elopement, this blog is packed full of inspiration!

I also have lots of other resources for San Diego elopements on my blog. From how to elope in San Diego, more about me as a San Diego elopement photographer, and where to elope in San Diego. I have it all over there! I also have a free guide of my top 5 favorite San Diego elopement locations. Head here to snag that for yourself.

And, of course, if you’re looking for a San Diego photographer, I’m your girl! I hope you find all the inspiration for your elopement in this blog. I’m dying to hear all about you + your lover’s love story! Now onto the things you’re here for, this dreamy, boho San Diego elopement.

First off, this location was so stunning. You walk through a small path surrounded by tall grass and come out to a gorgeous view with rocks + the sandy beach. Everyone is always shocked by how gorgeous the views are. We, also, had the most amazing golden sunset full of reds, which made for the dreamiest golden hour photos. This whole session was honestly a dream. I can’t wait to share even more of these images with you!


Boho San Diego Elopement During Golden Hour


Karli + Steve + Their Love Story

Karli + Steve are friends of mine, and fully give model vibes. Steve’s smolder could melt any heart! They were so relaxed in front of the camera, and their love is just so evident. Their connection is just EVERYTHING.

They are a military couple, and met in Louisiana. Karli is actually from there and lived through hurricane Katrina! Steve was stationed there. Karli’s admittedly slightly obsessed with him. She saw him and automatically said I’m gonna marry that man… and she did! They’ve survived deployments and love traveling together. They even did their honeymoon in Tulum, which is to date their favorite trip together. 

Their connection is so evident, it wasn’t hard to capture their love for one another. The way they looked at each other, you can tell just how much they adore each other! They were both just so comfortable being completely themselves. Steve would stand there, and watch Karli pose for the camera in awe of her. It was so special to be able to capture this for them. They spent the day loving on each other, being absolute models, and taking in the gorgeous views. It truly was the perfect San Diego elopement.


Boho San Diego Elopement During Golden Hour

Make Your San Diego Elopement Your Own!

If I had to give you only one piece of advice when it comes to elopement planning, it’d be this. Do what you + your lover want, and make it represent your love, over all else! Planning an elopement can seem super daunting, with all the choices there are out there. Just make sure that with every decision you make it your own with aspects unique to you and your relationship!

If you’re like, how do I keep it true to us and unique? Here are a few ideas from what we did for this San Diego elopement. Karli + Steve ended the night in sunglasses because these two just give off the coolest vibes. We just had to show that, and make their photos that much more them! 

Have some champagne and pop the bottle. We forgot ours, but they still started the night off with tequila shots.

Also, remember to take solo photos on your day. You spent all this time and energy planning this day and getting ready, so let’s capture it! I regret not taking more solo shots on my wedding day because I truly looked my best. So don’t make the same mistake I did!


These Dreamy Golden Hour San Diego Elopement Photos

Without further ado, let’s look at these dreamy San Diego elopement photos! I hope you find all the inspiration for how to make your elopement perfection and represent who you + your lover truly are.



Vendors for this boho San Diego elopement:

Photography: Catherine Julia Art + Wellness

Dress: Here and Now Bridal

Hair: Katie Parr with Citrine Bride

Florist: Rust Events

Hat: Gigi Pip

Dress Designer: Justin Alexander

Jewelry: Kendra Scott



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