I learned to live with physical pain at a very young age. In fourth grade, my mom noticed a lump on my right ankle. It began to grow – and with its growth, came so much pain. There were days where I could barely walk, and would limp around the house, or just lay in bed.

After multiple tests and an ultrasound, the doctors told my mother they believed I had a cancerous tumor. She told the news to the whole family, and for weeks, everyone thought I had cancer. A biopsy later confirmed that what was on my leg was not a tumor, or cancerous at all, but doctors still had no idea what it was. It wasn’t until ten years later that I was formally diagnosed with a Peripheral Arteriovenous Malformation.

For years, doctors experimented, trying to get rid of the mass that would not stop growing. I had surgeries to remove the growth (which I later learned caused even more issues). Surgeons injected experimental concoctions into my leg multiple times. Nothing worked, and after one particular surgery, I had to relearn how to walk.

As soon as I was old enough to put a stop to things, I did. I refused to see any more doctors about my leg. I would fight through the painful days, in order to continue my life as a normal teenager without weekend trips to the hospital.

To cope with the pain, I began to “push” it out of my body. I didn’t even realize this was different until only recently when I began to consciously move the physical pain around my body until it was released. I would envision the pain in my leg almost as particles, all jumbled up but moving. Then, I would visualize the pain particles moving down my leg and out of my foot. I now continue this practice with almost every pain I encounter. I’ve removed many injuries this way, returning my body back to normal.

Pain in the body is nothing more than energy that is “stuck”. Our emotions are extremely powerful and cause the pain we endure – each emotion tied to a different part of our body. Louise Hay also explored this concept and has a comprehensive list of ailments and their emotional tie here. We can push the pain out of our body, but we must understand that if we do not change the emotion or external issue causing the internal pain, it will continue to come back. For more information, I highly recommend reading Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life”.

Next time you feel a physical pain in your body, especially if it comes out of nowhere, try this exercise:
  • Notice where the pain is, and feel into the sensation. It may increase or become more pronounced at this time.
  • Breathe into the pain. With each inhale, imagine that breath going straight to the painful area. With each exhale, “push” the sensation towards your closest extremity (arm or leg).
  • Visualize the area as particles, constantly moving. You can try seeing the area as a dark cloud, and focus on spreading the cloud out.
  • At this point, the pain may move to another location – confirming the truth that pain is fluid. 
  • Repeat the practice with each new area that becomes painful, until it has left your body. Remember to continue breathing throughout the process.

I’ve watched many of my reiki clients become amazed as they’re able to physically feel the pain and tingling move throughout their body until it is released. If you feel that you’re unable to feel anything on your own when trying this exercise, I highly suggest booking a reiki session! This will open you up to feeling the sensations in your body and you can even let your practitioner know what you’re hoping to achieve beforehand.



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